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10 Responses to “Bedside Table Auto-Construction!”

  1. 324?

  2. Im gonna guess this will be retitle to ‘Magically Self Assemble Cupboard’

  3. Joan Cuthill says:

    Hahaha wonderful my friends. ♥

  4. Finally, 324 is here! I can’t wait for 325!

  5. Kiba Bloodfang says:

    Title gave me an epiphany.

  6. Abdulrahman Khan says:

    Why 324? Or its the number of the videos they uploaded. 

  7. HeavyLikesSandwich says:

    Do people still carry maps with them?

  8. How long does that make Just Kidding?

  9. The most funny part is from 1:21 to end!

  10. Plavčak Zofija says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha!

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