It’s hard for me to be sneaky in public. I come across as obvious I guess. In this prank video, I pretended to walk on egg shells and tip-toed around people. I also told them to sshhh! They couldn’t understand why I needed to tip-toe around them but as long as I know, that’s all that matters. Enjoy.

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4 Responses to “Being Obviously Sneaky! – Tip-Toeing in public”

  1. ThatWasEpic says:

    Jack switch from fart mode to shhhh mode sounds cool

  2. LeicaGermanShepherd says:

    You should do this again whilst using the pooter, if you gonna walk like
    you shit yourself, be even better with sound effects.

  3. redevil3180 says:

    Hahaha fackin hell

  4. Tim Collison says:

    1:14 earbuds while driving… ILLEGALLLL

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