Cats really are the masters of Hide-And-Seek games… Try to spot the kitten (The cutest ever!!!) before the end of this video!

Clue #1 : It’s not walking on the sidewalk.

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Planet 7 - $77 Chip (Cleopatra

7 Responses to “Can You Spot The Hidden Kitten? – Just For Laughs Gags”

  1. Jey Ar Cardaño says:

    the is the thing in the cop endless items

  2. The Indian dude actually put his finger on the trigger and tried to fire the gun. lmao

  3. Jim Kim says:

    2:20 Einstein

  4. أّبِہۣۗنِ شٍہۣۗيِّہۣۗوِخۗ says:

    Which country this??

  5. Thomas Smith says:

    Notice how nervous them canadians got around the pistol

    • Malfehzan says:

      It’s not just *the* pistol, it’s **the cop’s** pistol. Like, there’s *not yours to take* and *very much not yours to take*… 😀

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