These clumsy folks are carrying a wheelbarrow full of dirt. Due to their clumsiness, they drop the wheelbarrow full of dirt onto the manhole below – the guy …

10 Responses to “Clumsy Wheelbarrow Accident”

  1. PLazz257 says:

    Is it me or the string is just too obvious. 

  2. Demian Nietzsche says:


  3. -FAST3R says:


  4. Nor lig says:

    First time I have heard the voice of those two!


  5. THEmickTHEgun says:

    Oh my god they’re back…

    “Click here, hey click here, click here, click there”

  6. Mohemmed Obaid says:

    Good but danger

  7. Duh Enlightened One says:

    This was a really dangerous prank because people, in an effort to stop the
    wheel barrel from falling could seriously twist and hurt their back or even
    fall into the pit.

  8. albrenza says:

    Hahaha :))

  9. ChiaraCavalli says:

    Thumb up for Denis;) the one always in ridiculous situations ha..ha..

  10. I like how you guys think of *SAFETY* when doing pranks 🙂

    *stopped the video, but came back to hear what Denise and Marie-pierre had
    to argue about XD

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