Someone locked their keys in their car, and a helpful cop climbs through the sunroof to retrie…

Planet 7 - $77 Chip (Cleopatra

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  1. shaan masood says:

    muslims accepted the bible many decades ago, but now people have been changing the bible and ading other stuff to it so muslims do not accept the bible anymore

  2. MindGuruTV says:

    This is a funny video where sadness cannot come close!

  3. juniwilliamsqoqo says:

    im i the only one who would love a shag with the blonde actor while wearin her knickers on my face?

  4. max payne says:

    Amazing Prophecies about The prophet muhammed In The bible (2013)

  5. P0w3r4G00d says:

    Quiet ironic how we American cops just shot a dog to death is all over the news.

  6. Андрей Юкиш says:

    gosta muito

  7. alexss2012 says:


  8. max payne says:

    show me one verse that encourage you to free slaves
    ———–I can show you many in Quran
    Free Slaves Quran 2:177
    Attempt the Ascent, Free a Slave Quran 90:1-15
    Emancipation: Marry a Slave Quran 4:32-33
    Prefer Marriage to a Believing Slave Quran 2:221
    If You Break an Oath: Free a Slave Quran 2:221
    To Take Back Lawful Wife: First, Free a Slave Quran 58:3-4
    Sahih Al-Bukhari 3.721 Slaves are your brother, feed and cloth them as u do to urself

  9. Сергей У says:


  10. Beni Daman says:

    what was first? the Bible or the koran?

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