I called a specialist to ask about how to file my taxes for a very unconventional job.. the interaction we had ended up being ridiculous.

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5 Responses to “Drug Dealer Reports His Earnings to the IRS”

  1. Niner Gang says:

    She deadass wanted Tyrone’s meat.

  2. Arineko Music says:

    I’m Brazilian. The accent on chΓ£o is called “tiu” pronunced tchee-oo (oo as in put). Hahahaha and it waaas too funny fogo de chao means fire of floor which should be chΓ£o de fogo (floor of fire) but anyways haha

  3. All we had to do was Follow the damn train CJ says:

    Thumbs Up Tatiana πŸ‘

  4. Alpo Westbrook says:


  5. PewDiePies Dingleberries says:

    This shit was funny bro

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