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10 Responses to “Falling in public @BigDawsTv”

  1. InvisibleOverwatcher says:


  2. SuperJuggler123 says:

    you should do a prank where you fall in front of a chick and when they ask
    if you’re okay, you say “i think i have fallen for you” or something like

  3. Erfan Hosseini says:

    damn the last guy is so nice. like he was his son. that really learned me
    something and made me so happy.

  4. Want more? Click me :)

  5. Massive Meat says:

    Need more falling with babies.

  6. lipevalente12345 says:


  7. Ynashimitsu Toshio says:

    When a black person does something bad, scum bag racist idiots appear to
    say bad things about black people, and when a black person does something
    good, beautiful, like that last guy did, the idiot racists close their eyes
    and pretend they didn’t see it. Nice video, it shows our world has kind
    people and humanity still has hope.

  8. OfficialDjCreep says:


  9. misterclownface says:

    i love the exaggeration. do a part 2.

  10. Why doesn’t this ever get old? lol

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