Jack Vale’s meet-up at Big Shakes Hot Chicken and Fish in Franklin, Tennessee with Madysyn Rose, Tom Mabe, Terrence K Williams and Christian Busath! This was early 2018! So awesome meeting all of you!

5 Responses to “Franklin, TN Meet-Up w/ JACK VALE @ Big Shakes + Tom Mabe, Madysyn Rose, Terrence K. Williams”

  1. Sergio Cartin says:

    Saludes sergio desde costa rica muy buenos tus videos …pura vida

  2. Marco Rubio says:

    Fun times watching the videos. Wished I could be there.

  3. SydsGaming says:

    Hi, Jack!! Hope you’re doing well man!

  4. VeXis101 says:

    Wow I’m in Nashville and just saw this…

  5. Seanus32 says:

    It looks like Harvey Weinstein in the thumbnail.

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