Jesse has been playing his new video game, Grand Theft Auto 5, practically nonstop since he got it. It’s been consuming all of his time and now it’s ridiculo…

Planet 7 - $77 Chip (Cleopatra

10 Responses to “GIRLFRIEND RUINS GTA5”

  1. SuomenWiirus says:

    I think that is Fuc*ing anoying.

  2. Bryan Smith says:

    Fake and gay

  3. Jennifer Lopez says:

    I love this video but I’m team jesse doe

  4. Yeah I would have thrown her down the stairs by that point, this is just

  5. BilalFootball03 says:

    he was at mission 13

  6. interfering in my gta game, i would have beaten that bitch
    thats a no go, not my gta

  7. what was that at 1:18

  8. Girls… Always wanting attention –‘

  9. Lukrislily o says:

    Nude up, that’ll make him stop.

  10. simon santos says:


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