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10 Responses to “GOLDFISH ATTACK Prank!!”

  1. Careful it may caring Ebola virus… 

  2. Funny idea.

  3. I love it (; 

  4. berriesandcream1830 says:

    That poor fish! That tank is not nearly big enough for it!

  5. αℓмα ℓαℓα says:

    GOLDFISH ATTACK Prank!!: http://youtu.be/GhFECrEUw58 I love pranks

  6. abdalla khaled says:

    Is Tmlkin personal page on Facebook

  7. Adela Oilvares says:

    Lol like if your a big fan

  8. subscribe Me says:


  9. ernesto7373 says:

    You need at least 20 gallons of water per goldfish. Plus filtration, proper
    aeration etc. Jerks 

  10. Dorothy Slawik says:

    Best prank ever

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