This is one of my new favorites. I love you guys so much. Daws Kingdom is growing. EXTRAS VIDEO: https:// Follow Me On Twitter: …

10 Responses to “GYM PRANKS!”

  1. good one doggy!

  2. Lil B From The Pack says:

    Your pranks always let me laugh, that’s what you makes different than other
    pranksters and that’s why you’re my favorite prankster! I love your videos
    man, keep going! <3

  3. that girl on the threadmills can work on her body all she wants, but shes
    kinda a terrible person tbh.

  4. Ownage Pranks says:

    That entire video was so damn funny, well done, I almost choked on my food
    when you started going EEEEEEH and making noises as people were spotting
    you hahah

  5. Mind Evolution says:

    Красавчик! Лучший! Радуй дальше :)

  6. BigDawsTv says:

    Everyone help share this video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, big sites,
    etc. I think it has viral potential 🙂 #DawsKingdom 

  7. BigDawsTv says:

    King of Gym Pranks?

  8. That Brown Nerd says:

    Lmao at that groan

  9. PolarityTracks says:

    His benching sounds like a fire alarm lmao.

  10. trollmunchies says:

    OMFG, the end had me rolling with that protein powder

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