I snuck as many things as I could into people’s shopping baskets when they weren’t looking! Uncle John distracted them so I could make my move!

5 Responses to “How much stuff can I sneak into their shopping carts?”

  1. Smooth Steve says:

    I know you’re in a Tennessee Wal-Mart, but I was genuinely surprised to see free range chickens running around in there.

  2. BigfootWeekly says:

    Uncle John!!! He’s quite the dancer…that was hilarious!!

  3. Put funny stuff in there. Prep H, diapers, condoms, lice kit, etc, maybe some KY jelly

  4. Training Man's Best Friend says:

    “someone put this in my buggy”

  5. Laffy Taffy says:

    Loved this lol and great seeing good ole Uncle John again as well!!

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