Let’s hope she’s not contagious! This old lady sneezes SO hard it splashes all over the guy’s …

10 Responses to “Huge Sneeze in the Face! Gesundheit”

  1. TheFloppyCrafter says:

    1:06 EPIC FACE!

  2. Todor Genev says:

    made my day

  3. Makbul Branco says:


  4. SKMatoBB says:

    I don’t think they record the audio from the prank itself on the scene. I think they just record the sneeze sound at their studio with pro microphone and then they add the laughs, music, and the sneeze to the original video.

  5. pradip dahal says:


  6. gastoniatraindude18 says:

    Guy I paused the video before I started to say I only clicked this video because of the picture of a woman’s reaction.. awesome face

  7. XxAdminChllaxX says:

    ja wir erobern die kommentare 😀 moment, vor 1 monat… verdammt :D

  8. Tamara Shine says:

    For real, I’m eating!

  9. Imran Azad says:

    nice work

  10. NK Murarka says:

    nice with dirty touch…haha

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