We team up with makeup artist Lex Fleming and our buddy Nick Santonastasso to pull off a unique statue prank. Lex disguises Nick to appear as if he were naturally one of the statues in Union Square Park, while Nick surprises patrons as they realize he is indeed a real person!

Jeana and Jesse bring together Nick (the Prankster) and Alexys Fleming (the Accomplice) to work together on this prank. Lex, whose makeup channel is MadeYewLook, expertly disguises Nick – who was born without legs and only one arm – with metallic makeup and clothing to look like a bust of a statue. He is placed on a pedestal in a public park. When curious marks approach to look at the statue and read the plaque, he scares them. Marks have a double reaction: It’s a real person! Wait, HOW is it a real person?

YouTube Red Original Series

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5 Responses to “HUMAN STATUE PRANK!!! | Prank Academy”

  1. Vertical HD says:

    Who else wants Jesse and Jeana to be together again?

  2. ShaunTheGamerYT -Minecraft, Vlogs and More says:

    Am I the only one that thinks YouTube red should be in Canada?

  3. Ismael Mazon says:

    sell outs

  4. rohan singh says:

    How is YouTube going to give the. The diamond playbutton

  5. Ariel Powdhar says:

    Ahhhh! I love Lex!!! I was so excited to see that she was in this video!!

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