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10 Responses to “I’m Giving Away My Channel?!”

  1. Public Prank says:

    Excited to finally announce this! I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile and the day has finally come, let us know who you want to see featured and smash that like button!

    • AListProductions says:

      I like how fake everyone is, he was honest that he got pulled away from YT. And now has some motivation to keep use out of his channel, and all the “loyal” fans are just bashing him. Imagine a celebrity taking some time off for personal reasons from acting and they return a few years later and all anyone does is hate on them. You’re all fake.

    • Global Gamer YT says:

      NANI? U should keep ur channel…bruh 👌

    • RuleBreaker XO1 says:

      PublicPrank please do more running away from people pranks. That is when other people take over your channel.

    • Nabil ALWashlee says:

      Dude your channel died long time ago.You use to kill it back in the day time to move on.

    • MAXIMO JACOBO says:

      Captain shorif is one of the funniest prankster you should get in contact with him he is from the west coast

  2. Well ummm. I guess I’m unsubbing. I’d rather be subscribed to a dead channel than a channel who’s people I didn’t even sub to. Bye bye 👋

  3. Nice pub stach

  4. My TV is Turned Off says:

    Who cares?????

  5. doublebballin says:

    Looks like he is back in the bedroom of his parent’s house. haha People say shave the beard, I think it’s the flappy hair that’s getting them. Beard is fine. haha

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