I locked myself in my car and asked people to feed me through the crack in the window. Some of them did it! I think the girls were disgusted LOL!! Thanks for watching this video guys, I appreciate it!
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9 Responses to “LOCKED IN MY CAR PRANK! – Will you feed me please?”

  1. Jack Vale Films says:

    ATTENTION! The laugh track was not my choice. This is a segment from a TV show and it’s the ONLY version I have. Please enjoy the video anyway! HAHA… Thanks guys, you’re seriously awesome!

    • SKITTLeLA says:

      You’re awesome! Glad you don’t put laugh tracks in any of your stuff!

    • Susan Evans says:

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    • l was about to say drop the canned laughter 🙂

    • KK Films says:

      Jack Vale Films been watching you for years and years!! My 2 all-time favorite ones was when you and edbassmaster did the tequila, (parent teacher conference) (Job Interview)….also when u do the old man voice on the phone. It’s THE BEST 😂

  2. 87sherwood says:

    No laugh track. It’s ruins the whole prank. I don’t even watch shows that use them.

  3. Danny Smith says:

    No onions!

  4. Chill_Girl says:

    I miss your pooter & paranoid pranks!

  5. Happy Central says:

    the laugh track is cheesy

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