This Christmas, we’ve been put on Santa’s Naughty List… Apparently all that pranking got us in trouble.

1. Click link to our 1 HOUR naughty special:
2. Let us know your naughty story in the comment section of the link with the hashtag #NAUGHTY
3. Win tons of JFL Gags presents!

Winner announced on December 14th 2016

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

5 Responses to “Naughty CONTEST with Actor Denis Levasseur”

  1. Romeu Rebello says:

    After asking a coworker to log on YouTube and put some videos for the
    costumers (we work on a restaurant), I kept turning the TV off with my
    phone randomly. We are 35 workers (servers, meat runners, cleaning
    personal) and we had a busy day. He couldn’t figure out who was doing it
    and I kept asking why the video wasn’t playing ;p
    I love your work, it changes people ideas of life and changes how we see
    what’s supposed to be normal. thanks for making me happy every time

  2. Saloome Boy says:

    I love this guy

  3. Mantikore420 says:

    The little green humanoid thing from 2:48 to the end looks like it was
    inbred.. #naughty

  4. TransGrediendo Full says:

    Son los mejores, la verdad que cada vido cada cosas me fascina verlo una y
    otra vez. Sigan asi por siempre 🙂 #NAUGHTY

    They are the best, the truth that every time I see every thing I love to
    see it again and again. Keep it up forever 🙂 #NAUGHTY

  5. Ian Austria says:

    I did a prank on my grandmother, she was busy working that day and I told
    her somebody’s calling on my cell phone and I told her it was my mom..but
    what I gave to her was my 1 pair of slipper, and she said “hello, hello,
    hello?” many times but nobody is answering until she found out it was a
    slipper not a cell phone..haha #NAUGHTY #Naughty

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