I thought it was time to take PARANOID to DISNEYLAND! People were just as freaked out! Extras PARANOID Clips! Please also subscribe to m…

Planet 7 - $77 Chip (Cleopatra

10 Responses to “PARANOID PRANK (Disneyland Edition)”

  1. ingrid garcia says:

    I love this guys pranks! there so funny!! 🙂

  2. Handschuh Fach says:

    that sound as she turned around her head.. like a horrormovie where something ugly turned around..

  3. Ali Davidson says:


  4. CreeperTheCreep100 says:

    the guy with the blue jogger suit lookes like psy

  5. Robert Baan says:

    I disagree, I saw a lot of black people laughing their butts off. They allways have the best reactions!

  6. UntalentedFluffer says:

    Look up Vitaly on youtube and watch the “Russian hitman prank” They basically do that.

  7. ZaniniPadrona says:

    Snipers are ready

  8. Sir Brütal says:

    Or “Are the snipers ready?”

  9. RockShooting says:

    niggas never handle pranks from withe guys

  10. starflight688 says:

    lol jack tooo funny

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