Craigslist Prank Calls and the cutest girl with the cutest little voice ever!!! Jazmyn 🙂 PLUS, a special appearance from our chinchilla!

5 Responses to “Prank Calls on Craigslist!”

  1. DrumhellerParanormal says:

    If you squint your eyes on the title screen it looks like two dicks.. 😂

  2. JJ Bish says:

    Bring back Red Beard!! Best prank ever in the history of pranks!

  3. TheEnvelope says:

    Man, you have to keep doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. RchiwawasAndCats says:

    The windows to the walls! Now that was hilarious.

  5. To the window to the wall 😂😂

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