Im sorry about the Re-upload! I thought it would be perfect because school just started and my college videos will be back! I try to do re-uploads late at ni…

Planet 7 - $77 Chip (Cleopatra

10 Responses to “Pranking University of Southern California”

  1. Zach Galifianakis says:

    I love you BigDaws.

  2. I dont always subscribe, but when i do i subscribe to bigdawstv!

  3. lachlan carick says:
  4. Jay Johnson says:

    Love u bro, helppppp me

  5. Sucks to loose all your views bro :/

  6. Joel Panttila says:

    These pranks are the best! 

  7. Fun fact: “waldo” is actually called “Wally” in every other country besides
    the USA and canada! Where’s Wally! 

  8. Well hello my name is BigDaws
    I got some pretty big balls
    I’m funny as you can see
    I also reply to everything
    I interact with my fans
    It’s almost like were almost friends
    I’m blowing up on youtube
    So show me your boobs.

  9. Shypeon Datrack says:


  10. Do you reply to people? :3

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