More Falling With Crutches: VLOGS: MUSIC: FACE…

8 Responses to “Public Prank – Falling With Crutches (Ft. JStuStudios)”

  1. ItsSwiftNade says:

    When they fall stupidly is so fucking funny!

  2. dontwhine1 says:

    because they know its fake

  3. brooke pepin says:


  4. Chabo Killa says:

    0:37 hahahahahaha that sound/voice

  5. waittrain650 says:

    guy fall with cruthes and don’t care WTF is wrong with people.

  6. brutisking says:

    Next vid please!

  7. trevoncousett says:

    Why put this on YouTube? Was not funny at all… Kids at school joke like that all the time. Too lame of a prank.

  8. RacingRyan0 says:

    1:53 LOL

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