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10 Responses to “Public Prank – Weird Surveys For Strangers ft. AngryPicnic”

  1. PhyscoGamers says:

    This is fucking stupid

  2. Murphy Powell says:

    bring back the “singing club songs to people” please !

  3. Azphix Xaxa says:

    What happened to you man? your channel used to be so awesome when you used
    to put out videos more often and is not anymore.

    PS: shave the god-awful mustache already.

  4. PublicPrank says:

    Leave a comment with weird questions we could ask next time! 

  5. P. Rourke says:

    WHAT WAS THAT LADY AT 1:14 EATING? Please answer me !

  6. AirJordan AtThis says:

    Boring ass video I’m going to unsub now

  7. Sorry but this was boring. Didn’t laugh once. Your past few vids were
    pretty funny though so I was expecting another good 1 :(

  8. 20 pairs of socks? Must be good to be rich

  9. lexi22is says:

    If you ate yourself would you be twice as big or disappear completely? 

  10. Imbra Šlauf says:

    those black girls made me cringe…

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