The “I love you” Prank Part.2 (BigDawsTv)

10 Responses to “The “I love you” Prank Part.2 (BigDawsTv)”

  1. foodismylifeyayy says:

    lol i would probably say: i love you 2 without knowing you lol

  2. rachid minz says:

    LAHWF, Did it beafore .

  3. 1mizguy says:

    who loves me here ? lmao!!! XD

  4. SikSh0tz88 says:

    tht last guy was a fag-GOT

  5. bonedrag8621 says:

    2:06 shows you how much women are cowards and pussies, this is why men are bigger and better to put them in there place and keep them in line, they have no right to tell us what to do thats are job, and for all u women out there obey your boyfriend/husband

  6. Danilo Estrada says:

    I can’t wait to see the part 3!!!! song 2:52 ?

  7. Hrach6969 says:

    hey can I tell you something I love You ;D man ur funny af

  8. DarkFilter612 says:

    i subbed for part 3, make it happen fellas!

  9. khail chain says:

    i love u

  10. SuperLuckyKill says:

    A separate peace….gay!

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