Today I told my wife she was hot and sexy…but everyone thought I was talking to them! SUBSCRIBE!â-» SUBSCRIBE TO SHERRY!â-»http://…

10 Responses to “THE SEXY SWITCH PRANK!”

  1. Can always come here for a good laugh. Thanks Jack!

  2. Benjamin Coleman says:

    Jack hi!!

  3. Slidy Swinger says:

    Best vid in a while Jack

  4. Andres Tuzzo says:

    Jack what camera do you use?

  5. YouTube should make it illegal to put the title in all caps.

  6. Wasn’t this awkward Jack? ;)

  7. colleen JAY says:

    Thanks jack so much for this video. I really needed a smile today.

  8. Jared Busch says:

    see now I like these types of pranks cause no one’s getting punched out.
    I’m tired of the prank videos where people are just begging to get knocked

  9. Sean Carney says:

    I like these innocent pranks

  10. Tí mó tàihòu shū. says:

    It’s awesome how well these people take jokes. There are a lot of aholes
    who don’t allow their pranks to be uploaded.

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