When UNCHAP employees get split up in crowded situations, it’s important that they locate each other quickly. Sometimes, they have to ask for assistance from the citizens nearby.

5 Responses to “UNCHAP – Nashville Prank in Public – Have you seen my partner?”

  1. come on this is lame.I couldn’t even watch the whole video.

  2. Shoe Plastic in SUBWAY bread says:

    Funniest duo in YouTube!!!

  3. Bebe AlRasheed says:

    Last person is so kind and very patient! <3

  4. Miss. A says:

    Lol 😂

  5. hayesman76 says:

    Not the strongest JV video but a potentially hilarious original premise and that gets a thumbs-up. Definitely a welcome change from unending low-class fart and shart videos.

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